Hot Bitumen Sealing – How to Seal a Carpet Using Hot Bitumen

Hot Bitumen Sealing – How to Seal a Carpet Using Hot Bitumen

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Hot Spray bitumen sealing can be utilized for roadways, parking lots, driveways, pedestrian walkways, and anywhere else that requires proper all-weather wear. There are several steps in completing a well made hot bitumen seal. First and foremost the soil must be prepared. This can be done with sand, gravel, or crushed stone, or any material that can resist high temperatures and moisture. The dirt needs to be leveled and completely compacted before using bitumen as a sealant. The next step in hot bitumen sealing is the creation of a waterproof barrier with a rubber or silicon coating. This barrier will be used to protect the bitumen from the harsh weather conditions as well as prevent water penetration into the sealant itself.

Several steps in completing a well made hot bitumen sealing

Hot bitumen sealing is a very simple process but there are certain things to be considered that can increase the longevity and safety of the sealant. There should be no moisture or water intrusion into the sealant. The sealant should also have a high heat resistance to withstand the extreme temperature of the hot bitumen. The sealant should also provide a low degree of shearing force or abrasion for the bitumen so that it does not damage the sealant. When using this sealing agent, it is important to always keep the sealant from getting wet with rain or water. Any type of water entering the sealant can cause the sealant to break down or weaken.

Hot bitumen sealing can be done by a licensed contractor or by anyone that has the skills and the ability to do the job. It is highly recommended that one hires a professional to complete the task rather than trying to do it yourself. Having the right tools can make the process faster and safer. There is a variety of different tools used to apply the sealant including brushes, blades, pneumatic pressure washers, and heavy duty vacuum cleaners. These tools are essential tools to have if working on a hot bitumen sealing project. It is highly recommended that these tools be checked and serviced periodically as any signs of wear and tear could cause cracks and other damage to the bitumen surface.

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